Friday, 19 September 2014

Check out Unsold great rising Hip Hop talent.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

"Hip Video Promo rules check them out.

Sarah Jaffe Lights Up Chicago

Kirtland Records MVP Sarah Jaffe has been on tour in support of her acclaimed new album, Don’t Disconnect, and she’s been making fans by the hundreds. Check out this awesome review of her show recent at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Illinois with Astronautalis via She’s on her way toward becoming a household name. Just watch.
“Jaffe commands the stage in the same sexy and magical way Astronautalis does. She doesn’t hold back, and throws her entire self and emotion into her performance. Jaffee played many songs from her new album, Don’t Disconnect out of Kirtland Records. The set was full of everything from sexy synth to Jaffe taking center stage to sing “Don’t Disconnect” acapella. This was stunning, simply beautiful. It was such a lovely takeaway, to see the softer and more vulnerable side of her. So much so that it gave this viewer the shivers.”

HEADS UP: The Fall Four “Siren Song” on MTV HITS Monday 9/8

We’re stoked to announce MTV Hits will be airing fast-rising Chicago-based pop/rockers, The Fall Four‘s killer new video for their infectious new single, “Siren Song,” this Monday, September 8th. You can catch it three times: 11am, 7pm & 3am, so don’t miss it!
Be on the lookout for a lot more from these dudes in the coming weeks/months.

The Dirty Lungs WIN mtvU’s The Freshmen!

Congrats to The Dirty Lungs for winning this week’s The Freshmen!
Their video, “I Suck In Bed,” will now be added into regular rotation over at mtvU for  weeks to come, and that most certainly makes our day.
Don’t sleep on this great band y’all, or their amazing label, Communicating Vessels for that matter!
Thanks to each and everyone who voted!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rising pop star duo McBeth and their new video "Geronimo"

One listen to rising pop act McBeth and it’s crystal clear that they’re destined for a long stay in the Top 40 Charts. Enormous vocal talent, huge hooks and stunning beauty, the Richmond, VA-based duo comprised of female vocalists, McAyla Beatley and Beth Martin, are on a mission to spread their ear-pleasing, positive music to the masses. But what really sets them apart is that both singers bring a unique, vocal style to the table, becoming one powerful unified sound that’s guaranteed to impress. As they say, opposites attract. In McBeth’s case, this sentiment is spot on. The duet fully embraces the ideals of two opposites living together in harmony and it shows. With opposing emotions encapsulated into one powerful singular voice, strength battles vulnerability, and confidence overcomes insecurity. HIP Video Promo is thrilled to bring you the new clip for their radio-ready single, “Geronimo.”
McAyla Beatley’s crisp, clean vocal tones blend are an impeccable counterpart to Beth Martin’s sexy, soulful vocal stylings, resulting in a sound that audiences can’t get enough of, particularly the youth demographic. With this much talent between two artists, it makes perfect sense that they’ve received the attention of some of the music industry’s top players. Professionally developed by a team of platinum-selling writers, Grammy-winning producers, and executive-level management, including writers such as Sam Hook (Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa, Justin Beiber), producers like Ambience Productions (Akon) and Overcoast Music (Imagine Dragons), and engineers such as Michael D. Congdon (Chris Brown), all the pieces are in place for McBeth’s forthcoming rise to the top.
The beautifully shot, Godfrey Tabarez-directed video features Beatley and Martin, who, despite promising their parents they wouldn’t throw a party while they were away on vacation, end up throwing what appears to be the party of the year, and of course all their friends are invited. The party goes off without a hitch until the end when their parents return to see the giant mess, though it was all worth it because throughout all the fun, both girls manage to find love. Lyrics like, “Fell in love for the first time/My heart was beating faster with you on my mind/Grab my hand/And I’ll grab yours/I’ve never let myself get this close before.” & “When we are together we’re untouchable/ No regrets/This is our time/You can see the fire burning in my eyes/And oh/I don’t want/This night to end/But if all we have is tonight/Baby this feels so right” will have you wholeheartedly rooting for the girls. The non-stop hooks throughout the tune are so incredibly catchy that you’ll be humming it with a smile on your face for days and days.

Bobby McIntyre is ranked in the top 10 in the world on Reverbnation

Bobby McIntyre on SoundCloud

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